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We want to guarantee a high level of safety for our guests in the current situation and have developed a number of additional voluntary guidelines and hygiene standards for this purpose, supplemented by the current requirements and legal regulations. We offer all guests and employees an all-encompassing approach so that you can feel safe and secure with us. Well-visible signs inform the guests in the hotel about compliance with and implementation of the hygiene concept and legal regulations.

In the current times of the corona pandemic, the awareness of the importance of the cleanliness of surfaces with intensive contact has been sharpened among all employees. In the public guest areas, all areas are thoroughly cleaned and documented at shortened intervals with effective disinfectants. In the hotel rooms, the rooms and bathrooms are also cleaned with effective disinfectants.

There are notices at reception to remind all guests of the distance guidelines. Upon arrival, a valid vaccinated, convalescent certificate (3-G) or negative test (max. 24h old) result is requested. The wishes of the guests are processed individually at the reception and the distance rules are observed. The elevators are only used by one person per trip. The hotel provides hand disinfectants at all of the following points: Entrance area of the accommodation, public toilets, community kitchen.

The basic cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms by the staff takes place regularly and additionally with the use of disinfectants. The rooms are adequately ventilated by the room staff. The bath and bed linen is exchanged, cleaned and stored hygienically in accordance with the standards.

The guests of our hotel are informed about the protection and hygiene regulations by suitable, clearly visible notices / pictograms. Behavioral instructions are clearly visible.

The cleaning takes place in 2 x daily cleaning cycles. Doorknobs and fittings in the guest toilets are disinfected. Only 1 person is allowed in the public toilets to comply with the distance regulation.

Working materials are washed hot in the dishwasher in the kitchen and cleaned. Work surfaces are disinfected daily. If the incidence is below 35, a maximum of 10 people is allowed in the basement common room and 3 people in the communal kitchen. Distance regulations are to be observed. In the communal kitchen on the first floor, a maximum of 3 people is allowed at the same time. Here, too, a distance notice is visibly hung up and must be observed. With increasing incidence (35+), the communal kitchen is available upon prior reservation. A time-limited pin code will then be issued by reception for use. The distance and maximum number of people still apply.


The check-in process as well as the check-out process can be carried out completely contactlessly using your own smartphone; QR codes that lead to the digital reception are attached to all doors.
Personal check-ins and outs are designed with a gap between guest and receptionist. There is a disinfection stand for disinfecting the hands and as a spacer at the reception. Ballpoint pens are regularly disinfected after use. In front of the reception there are pictograms to ensure compliance with the spacing and mask rules.

Every arriving guest is legally obliged to provide proof of vaccination or recovery on the day of arrival.
A stay is only possible for guests who are not infected with Sars-CoV-2 or show associated symptoms, who have had no contact with Covid-19 cases in the last 14 days and who do not come from a high-risk or risk-variant area.
All guests aged 12 years and older are required to wear FFP2 mouth and nose protection in public areas and walkways. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 may wear a medical mask or mouth/nose protection.

Doorknobs, light switches, and handrails on stairs in public areas are disinfected at least twice a day.
Mouth and nose protection is worn.

Mouth and nose protection or face protection is worn in all public areas. Proof of vaccination or recovery will be requested upon entry.

The employees have been instructed in the protective measures and rules of conduct. At the first sign of infection, all employees and guests are encouraged to report. Sufficient protective equipment such as mouth and nose protection and gloves are available in the hotel. Our employees have decided together for the voluntary corona vaccination. In addition, all employees can carry out free self-tests at any time. Measures and rules of conduct are set out in writing and are accessible to all employees.

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